Atelier Magda Beneda is a part of the Gallery of Various Arts, which can be found in the charming part of the Gdansk old town, at Ogarna 101.

The Atelier was previously located at Szafarnia Street, on the riverfront of Motlawa River. It was there, few years ago, that the idea to transfer painting onto everyday use items first entered my mind. Atelier became a place where art could be found not just on the walls but also on porcelain and textiles.

In 2016 the Atelier moved to Ogarna Street as I joined forces with a photo reporter Maciej Kosycarz to open the Gallery of Various Arts. Maciej’s photographs and albums and my paintings, porcelain and fashion are exhibited together to those with love of all arts.

Atelier Magda Beneda is also a network of my friends, acquaintances and strangers, who visit me on Ogarna Street, on my Facebook Page, and my website – a part of my Atelier.