From the love of art, from passion, from the need to enjoy the small things in life and share this joy with others, an idea was created to invite art onto the table. Figuratively and literally.  From the search for unique gifts for loved ones, and the wish to bring a smile onto their faces. To make the morning coffee that bit more special and add a pinch of magic to the favourite tea. To create unforgettable moments.

We want the magical angels to float their wings in your world. For the couple in love to get lost in the moment. For the fairy-tale Gdansk and the Sopot Beaches to bring back warm memories and fill your heart with joy. Each and every day.

The idea of transferring paintings to porcelain designs has been on my mind for a few years. It’s a way of playing with art, domesticating it to surround yourself with unique pieces.



Porcelain should combine elegance and usability. Modern design and traditional quality. Art and history. Passion and craft. Our porcelain comes in sets of two , designed to emphasise the relations and emotions between people. Each set is packaged in unique, carefully designed box with the reproduction of the painting and a short, poetic story of our inspiration for each individual design.
Tea and coffee never tastes better than when drunk in good company. With a touch of poetry...


An important part of creating each collection is the manufacturing. The base of this project is the quality and the usability of the porcelain. The durability through frequent washing ( including the dishwasher) with no loss of colour or quality.  The designs are burned onto the glass in high  temperatures, using paint sitting under an enamel layer allowing for beautiful and durable sheen. 

The whole collection is created in Poland - from design to final product.