It is good to fit „everything” into your bag. From a compact to the laptop, and a pile of documents. Diary, glasses, a book, and sometimes scissors and a hammer. These sorts of needs inspired me to create a big, capacious bag for every occasion. I am addicted to it and I don’t know how I would manage without it :). The painting I’m wearing is related to my mood, the weather, and the time of the year.


On holidays and on the business travels. We drive, fly and sail. We also take our microworld packed up in the suitcases. The suitcase should be special, distinctive. It should make us feel as if we had the best friend being with us.


Small and big backpacks. Perfect for a longer weekend or an everyday trip to the town. Comfortable, durable and cheerful. You can take Gdansk, Sopot, a flock of birds or a serious owl with you. Your own artistic friend.




Maseczki dla dzieci

Maseczki dla dzieci

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